9. Walter S. Stensch, Electromagnetic Radiation: Photons, Waves, and Dark Matter

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Volume 19: Pages 553-565, 2006

Electromagnetic Radiation: Photons, Waves, and Dark Matter

Walter S. Stensch 1

112 Iroquois Avenue, DollarddesOrmeaux, Québec H9B 1T8 Canada

The material presented is an extension of the previously published papers on redshifting of electromagnetic radiation [W. Stensch, Speculat. Sci. Tech. 18, 194 (1995); 19, 207 (1996); Phys. Essays 14, 154 (2001)]. Photons are defined and analyzed as elementary pulse beats of the universe. They travel at the speed of light and pulsate while propagating through space. This pulsating sets up electromagnetic fields whose harmonics are used to derive an alternative interpretation of Planck's classical blackbody spectrum. The paper includes explanations for the dual nature of electromagnetic radiation, the redshift, and dark matter.

Keywords: electromagnetic radiation, photon, particle/wave, redshift, dark matter, universe, Planck's constant, electromagnetic harmonics

Received: March 21, 2005; Published Online: December 15, 2008