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Physics Essays has been established as an international journal dedicated to theoretical and experimental aspects of fundamental problems in Physics and, generally, to the advancement of basic knowledge of Physics. The Journal’s mandate is to publish rigorous and methodological examinations of past, current, and advanced concepts, methods and results in physics research. Physics Essays dedicates itself to the publication of stimulating exploratory, and original papers in a variety of physics disciplines, such as spectroscopy, quantum mechanics, particle physics, electromagnetic theory, astrophysics, space physics, mathematical methods in physics, plasma physics, philosophical aspects of physics, chemical physics, and relativity.




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Volume 31: Pages 327-332, 2018


Incompatibility between Einstein’s general relativity and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle


Alexandre Georges


51 Redcliffe Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD21 2PX, United Kingdom



Volume 31: Pages 323-326, 2018


The second postulate of the special theory of relativity is true, but it does not lead to the theory


Shukri Klinaku


University of Prishtina, Sheshi Nëna Terezë ¨, 10000 Prishtina, Kosovo



Volume 31: Pages 310-322, 2018


A new investigation into an unresolved mathematical procedure in the 1905 paper on special relativity


Jon C. Freeman


24111 Letchworth Road, Beachwood, Ohio 44122, USA



Volume 31: Pages 301-309, 2018


A new model to explain the forces between moving charges


Georg Lentze


5 Raglan Gardens, Reading RG4 5JH, United Kingdom



Volume 31: Pages 279-300, 2018


The essence of the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein


Reiner Georg Ziefle


Brunnenstrasse 17, 91598 Colmberg, Germany



Volume 31: Pages 274-278, 2018


Minkowski–Einstein spacetime: Insight from the Pythagorean theorem


Stephen J. Crothers


PO Box 1546, Sunshine Plaza 4558, Queensland, Australia




Volume 31: Pages 265-273, 2018


Relativistic fields allowing spontaneous transformation between mass and charge


Brian B. K. Min


Oxford Business Park, 3160 De La Cruz Boulevard, Santa Clara, California 95054, USA



Volume 31: Pages 256-264, 2018


Relativity vs. absolute simultaneity: Varying flow of time or varying frequency?


Avril Styrman


Physics Foundations Society, Vasamatie 25, 02630 Espoo, Finland and The Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy, Kirkkokatu 6, 00170 Helsinki, Finland



Volume 31: Pages 254-255, 2018


Comment on “First order ether drift experiment” [Phys. Essays 23, 473 (2010)]


Masanori Sato


Honda Electronics Co., Ltd., 20 Oyamazuka, Oiwa-cho, Toyohashi, Aichi 441-3193, Japan



Volume 31: Pages 246-253, 2018


From Hyperion to photon, a brief survey in the timeline of photon


Hossien Hossieni, J. M. A. Fatah, Sarwar Mohammad, and Mohammad Naby


Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani, Iraqi-Kurdistan



Volume 31: Pages 241-245, 2018


Relativistic impedance change of compressed space


John P. Basart and Mani Mina


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011, USA