11. Thierry Delort, Follow‐Up on the Theory of Ether

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Volume 20: Pages 478-486, 2007

FollowUp on the Theory of Ether

Thierry Delort 1

123 rue de l'Abbé Carton, Paris 75014 France


In four previous articles [Thierry Delort, Phys. Essays 13, 573 (2000); 17, 259 (2004); 18, 9 (2005); 18, 207 (2005)] we have exposed theoretical elements of a complete theory of ether. In this article we include new elements concerning this theory in the presence of gravitation. So it is very suitable to have read the first and third of these articles before reading this one. However, it is not necessary to have read the other two. Here we will present an analysis of the Lagrangian in the theory of ether with gravitation (TEG), the study of Galilean referentials in TEG, the study of quantum systems in gravitational potentials according to TEG, and the study of fundamental electromagnetic variables in a Galilean referential and in the presence of gravitation according to TEG. We will also complete the study of black holes according to TEG.

Keywords: theory of ether with gravitation, black holes, Lagrangian, Galilean referentials

Received: March 3, 2007; Published Online: May 26, 2009