5 PDF - Orvin E. Wagner, 1/f noise and dark matter waves in trees, samples, and air

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Volume 23: Pages 44-47, 2010

1/f noise and dark matter waves in trees, samples, and air

Orvin E. Wagner 1

1Wagner Research Laboratory, 2645 Sykes Creek Road, Rogue River, Oregon 97537, USA

I found that much of 1/f noise is apparently caused by dark matter particles. In experiments with noise receivers in grounded and ungrounded aluminum boxes, the low frequency noise produced was found to be a function of the sample orientation as well as outside phenomena. These results indicate that the low frequency noise is arising from outside sources and is not innate to the source as is generally assumed. As with dark matter, signals penetrate grounded or ungrounded metal boxes. Electrically pulsing a sample within an aluminum box produced short bursts of oscillations in surrounding trees and in other aluminum shielded samples. The observed phenomena were also used for communication between special samples. Trees were often found to oscillate at different frequencies for long times. These oscillations were often at large amplitudes and often apparently initiated by a pulsed shielded sample. Signal velocities were found to average 25.3 m/s in air. The lack of effects due to metal shielding, the wave penetration of plant tissue reported in my earlier work, and low velocities are consistent with dark matter involvement and provide useful penetrating communication for human purposes.

Keywords: Dark Matter Waves, Matter Penetration, Signal Velocities, Dark Matter, Signal Transmission and Reception, Waves in Plants

Received: November 17, 2008; Accepted: November 25, 2009; Published Online: February 11, 2010