16. Benjamin B. Dayton, Hydrodynamic theory of the cosmos

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Volume 30: Pages 102-115, 2017


Hydrodynamic theory of the cosmos


Benjamin B. Daytona)


209 S. Hillandale Drive, East Flat Rock, North Carolina 28726, USA


We present a holographic model of a cyclic universe. A mathematical analysis is presented of the infra-red shift of the wavelength of the light received from distant stars, which supports the hypothesis of a cyclic universe. The structure of black holes and supernovae is discussed.


Nous présentons un modèle holographique d'un univers cyclique. Une analyse mathématique du décalage infrarouge de la longueur d'onde de lumière reçue provenant des étoiles lointaines qui appuie l'hypothèse d'un univers cyclique. La structure d'un trou noir et d'une supernova est discutée.


Key words: Cyclic Universe Model; Infra-Red Shift; Holographic Model; Black Holes; Supernovae.


Received: May 7, 2016; Accepted: January 31, 2017; Published Online:  February 10, 2017


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