3. Ricardo L. Carezani, The Muon Decay μ+ → e+e+e− and Autodynamics

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Volume 5: Pages 19-25, 1992

The Muon Decay μ+ → e+e+e and Autodynamics

Ricardo L. Carezani 1

12501 Olive Avenue, #21, Long Beach, California 90806 U.S.A.

A brief explanation of autodynamics principles is given. The autodynamics equations are explained, and their application to muon decay is analyzed. Autodynamics can explain the results obtained at SLAC and CERN. The author concludes that the problem of muon and pion decay remains to be resolved by the experimenters.

Keywords: autodynamics equations, muon decay, experiments of CERN and SLAC

Received: April 19, 1990; Published Online: December 15, 2008