10. Volodymyr Krasnogholovets, Dmytro Ivanovsky, Motion of a Particle and the Vacuum

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Volume 6: Pages 554-563, 1993

Motion of a Particle and the Vacuum

Volodymyr Krasnogholovets 1, Dmytro Ivanovsky 1

1Institute of Physics, Ukrainian Academy of Science, pr. Nauky 46, 252650 Kyyiv 22 Ukraine

We propose the deterministic dynamics of a free particle in a physical vacuum, which is considered as a discrete (quantum) medium. The motion of the particle is studied taking into account its interactions with the medium. It is assumed that this interaction results in the appearance of special virtual excitations, called “inertons,” in the vacuum medium in the surroundings of the canonical particle. The solution of the equation of motion shows that a cloud of inertons oscillates around the particle with amplitude Λ = λv0/c, where λ is the de Broglie wavelength, v0 is the initial velocity of the particle, and c is the initial velocity of the inertons (velocity of light). This oscillating nature of the motion is also applied to the particle, and the de Broglie wavelength λ becomes the amplitude of spatial oscillations. The oscillation frequency λ is given by the relation E = hv. The connection of the present model with orthodox nonrelativistic wave mechanics is analyzed.

Keywords: polaron, elementary particles, physical vacuum, gravitation in microspace, geodesic equation, wave mechanics, quantum mechanics, harmonic oscillator, hidden dynamics of particle, physical constants, hypothetical particles

Received: April 16, 1992; Published Online: December 15, 2008