4. Miroslaw J. Kubiak, The Rotating Bucket with Water Problem

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Volume 6: Pages 510-511, 1993

The Rotating Bucket with Water Problem

Miroslaw J. Kubiak 1

1Planetarium I Obserwatorium Astronomiczne, Im. M. Kopernika, 86300 Grudziadz, Ul. J. Krasickiego 5, Poland

In this paper we mathematically prove that from a geometrical point of view, it does not matter if the Earth is rotating and the fixed star shell is at rest, or the stationary Earth is surrounded by a rotating fixed star shell. In both cases the same forces of inertia (i.e., Coriolis and centrifugal) exist.

Keywords: Mach's principle

Received: May 10, 1991; Published Online: December 15, 2008