17 PDF - Wes Johnson , Yin yang universe

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Volume 23: Pages 641-651, 2010

Yin yang universe

Wes Johnson 1

1329 Lincoln Avenue, B, Snohomish, Washington 98290, USA

The old principle of yin yang, in which the dynamics of the universe are considered the result of cycles of equivalent opposite expressions interacting to create unity, is shown to be a recurring and important theme in science. This paper applies the yin yang principle to Big Bang cosmology. A model is introduced that can help to explain the reason for decelerating and accelerating expansion, dipole patterns in the Cosmic Microwave Background, the power behind inflation, galaxy clusters in filaments and sheets, galactic streaming, and dark matter effects. The principle is then used to suggest that we unify gravity with the other forces by considering it the other set of 3 forces, and quantify gravity in accordance with its dominant realm—at the other end of the large number of significant digits scale. This model can be considered in 11 dimensions.

Keywords: Yin Yang, Cosmology, Quantum Cosmology, Vortex, Toroid, Negative Energy, Quantum Gravity, Dark Energy, Dark Matter

Received: September 20, 2009; Accepted: October 20, 2010; Published Online: November 30, 2010