10. Shukri Klinaku, Galilean relativity and the Doppler effect are a single phenomenon

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Volume 32: Pages 474-476, 2019


Galilean relativity and the Doppler effect are a single phenomenon


Shukri Klinakua)


University of Prishtina, Rr. George Bush 31, 10000 Prishtina, Kosovo


We know to some extent about the relationship between Galilean relativity and the Doppler Effect. In this paper, we will show the natural close relationship between these “two phenomena” in physics, from which we conclude that there are not two, but only one phenomenon—the relative motion expressed by different quantities.


Nous connaissons dans une certaine mesure la relation entre la relativité galiléenne et l’effet Doppler. Dans cet article, nous montrerons les relations étroites entre ces deux phénomènes en physique, à partir desquelles nous concluons qu’il n’y a pas deux, mais un seul phénomène - le mouvement relatif exprimé par des quantités différentes.


Key words: Relative Motion; Galilean Relativity; Doppler Effect.


Received: August 7, 2019; Accepted: October 20, 2019; Published Online: November 13, 2019


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