4. Masanori Sato, Comment on “Invariant physics” [Physics Essays 27, 591 (2014)]: Invalidation of the spacetime symmetry

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Volume 31: Pages 403-408, 2018


Comment on “Invariant physics” [Physics Essays 27, 591 (2014)]: Invalidation of the spacetime symmetry


Masanori Satoa)


Honda Electronics Co., Ltd., 20 Oyamazuka, Oiwa-cho, Toyohashi, Aichi 441–3193, Japan


This is a comment on an article by Thomas E. Phipps, Jr., that has appeared in this journal [Phys. Essays 27, 591 (2014)]. He reconfirmed that Maxwell equations are Galilean invariant. The global positioning system (GPS) uses the collective time (GPS clock). Phipps refuted Lorentz length contraction, and noted that covariance has been consistently banished in favor of invariance; furthermore, he concluded that spacetime symmetry is invalidated. Phipps did not accept the existence of an ether. On this point, we do not agree with him and assume the ether as a preferred reference frame. We recommend that Phipps’s invariant physics should be studied.


Ceci est un commentaire sur un article de Thomas E. Phipps, Jr. qui a paru dans cette revue [Phys. Essais 27, 591 (2014)]. L’on démontre ici que les équations de Maxwell sont invariantes Galiléenne. Le système de positionnement global (GPS) utilise l'heure collective (horloge GPS). Phipps réfute la contraction de longueur de Lorentz et note que la covariance a été systématiquement bannie en faveur de l'invariance; de plus, il a conclu que la symétrie de l'espace-temps est invalidée. Phipps n'a pas accepté l'existence d'un éther. Sur ce point, nous ne sommes pas d'accord avec lui; et supposons que l'éther soit un cadre de référence préféré. Nous recommandons d’étudier la physique invariante de Phipps.


Key words: Invariance and Covariance; Spacetime Symmetry; Maxwell Equations; Lorentz Transformation; Sagnac Effect.


Received: March 4, 2018; Accepted: August 29, 2018; Published Online: September 20, 2018


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