4. Edward S. Barkin, The Relationship between Antigravity and Antimatter

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Volume 12: Pages 427-428, 1999

The Relationship between Antigravity and Antimatter

Edward S. Barkin

8 E. 83rd Street, #7G, New York, New York 10028 U.S.A.

If subatomic particles are warpages of space at the Planck scale, as M theory suggests, then the fact that both matter and antimatter exist could well be related to the fact that both gravity and antigravity apparently do. The question then arises: Do matter and antimatter have opposite gravitational charge? If so, antimatter should be gravitationally repulsive.

Keywords: antigravity, antimatter, cosmological constant, matter, quantum gravity

Received: April 30, 1998; Published online: December 15, 2008