3. John L. Bohn, Many‐Body Coulomb Problem in the Phase‐Energy Representation

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Volume 13: Pages 350-357, 2000

ManyBody Coulomb Problem in the PhaseEnergy Representation

John L. Bohn

JILA, University of Colorado and National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, Colorado 803090440 U.S.A.


The manybody quantummechanical Coulomb problem is exactly reformulated in a “phaseenergy” representation. Rather than solving for a manycomponent wavefunction, this formulation focuses on a set of eigenphases that document the evolution of a system from its compact to its fragmented limit. The eigenphases in turn hinge on the explicit evaluation of kinetic and potential energies as the system evolves. An illustration using the doubly excited states of helium shows that information on the nature of the eigenchannels is encoded in these energies.

Keywords: manybody Coulomb dynamics, phaseenergy representation, eigenphases, Rmatrix evolution, hyperspherical coordinates

Received: May 13, 2000; Published online: December 15, 2008