12. A. S. Daoud, Quantum‐Mechanical P Function for Photons

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Volume 14: Pages 82-90, 2001

QuantumMechanical P Function for Photons

A. S. Daoud

Zagazig University, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Mathematics, Zagazig, Egypt

In this paper, we have introduced a process that has furnished a novel weight function. This function relates to the GlauberSudarshan P distribution function for chaotic fields through a nonlinear relation. It is found that the new function is available to define the P representation for the squeezed states that are pure quantummechanical states of photons. A nondiagonal form for the density operator for a singlemode squeezed vacuum is exhibited. This form leads to interesting new concepts concerning the structure of the density matrix for photons.

Keywords: quantummechanical P function, quantum weight function for photons, quantum weighting factors for photons, P function for quantum states, quantummechanical weight function for photons, P representation for quantummechanical state, superposed

Received: xxxxxxxxxxPublished online: December 15, 2008