2. J. Chauveheid, F. X. Vacanti, Schrödinger and the Hamilton‐Jacobi Equation

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Volume 15: Pages 5-10, 2002

Schrödinger and the HamiltonJacobi Equation

J. Chauveheid 1, F. X. Vacanti 2

1P.O. Box 2411200, Pavas, Costa Rica

228 Cedar Hill Road, Dover, Massachusetts 02030 U.S.A.

Schrödinger's equation may be developed from the timeindependent HamiltonJacobi equation, which simply expresses the conservation of energy. This procedure leads to a condition for the equivalence of the two equations and shows the possibility that wave mechanics can be deterministic.

Keywords: Schrödinger's equation, HamiltonJacobi equation, Bohr's hydrogen atom, de Broglie's second solution, spherical symmetry, causality

Received: February 23, 2000; Published online: December 15, 2008