7. Yvon Sauvageau, Absolute Space‐Time Is Inherent to Dynamics

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Volume 18: Pages 362-379, 2005

Absolute SpaceTime Is Inherent to Dynamics

Yvon Sauvageau

P.O. Box 1955, Mountain View, California 940421955 U.S.A.

Ever since Greek Antiquity, it has been debated whether physical motion is relational or absolute. In the absence of any clear resolution, all discourses on the subject have been confined to qualitative philosophical arguments. This article demonstrates mathematically that the laws of dynamics imply that motion is absolute. In addition, this article elucidates Newton's bucket phenomenon.

Keywords: complementarity, measurement problem, quantum mechanics, macro and microworlds, physical reality, reduction of the wavepacket, nonlocality, reductionism, mechanism, environmental issue

Received: July 28, 2004; Published online: December 15, 2008