5. Jorge Guala‐Valverde, Pedro Mazzoni, Confined B‐Field Homopolar Dynamotor

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Volume 18: Pages 315-320, 2005

Confined BField Homopolar Dynamotor

Jorge GualaValverde 1, Pedro Mazzoni 2

1Ejército Argentino, Neuquen, Argentina

2Fundación Julio Palacios, Neuquen, Argentina

Following our investigation into motional electromagnetic induction [J. GualaValverde, Apeiron 8, 41 (2001)], we search for the torque location in “confined Bfield” homopolar dynamotors. Angular momentum conservation precludes a local interaction between the magnet creating the field and a currentcarrying wire, as happens in the “open Bfield” configurations formerly investigated. Angular momentum balance takes place now between the active current and the magnet plus the yoke as a whole.

Keywords: confined B field, torque location, angular momentum balance, rotating field lines

Received: March 29, 2004; Published online: December 15, 2008