5. Herbert H. Stevens Jr., Evolution of Minds and Quantum Mechanical Fields

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Volume 3: Pages 126-132, 1990

Evolution of Minds and Quantum Mechanical Fields

Herbert H. Stevens Jr. 1

1218 Hix Bridge Road, Westport, Massachusetts 02790 U.S.A.

This paper explores the introduction of mind into quantum mechanics (QM). In it we answer a 1952 question by Einstein: Can one find axioms for a theory avoiding the notion of a physical continuum? We develop a world view including mind, will, and motivation more in keeping with quantum mechanics than classical physics. We show how this links up to gravity, relativity, fundamental particles, and electrostatics. Our metaphor is that our physical universe evolved as the changing surface of a hypersphere of leastunits, each about one third the diameter of a proton. Given a mind, each surface unit acts to exclude possibilities of motion contrary to its best chance of submergence in the hypersphere and satisfying all its potential contacts. Overall, these acts result in QM fields of possibility exclusion, which sustain motion systems that we recognize as physical entities and energy phenomena.

Keywords: quantum mechanical fields, Einstein, leastunits, existence, mindbody, origin and formation of the universe, discrete relativity

Received: January 26, 1989; Published Online: December 15, 2008