13. A. S. Rabinowitch,Energy‐Momentum Pseudotensor of the Gravitational Field

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Volume 6: Pages 572-575, 1993

EnergyMomentum Pseudotensor of the Gravitational Field

A. S. Rabinowitch 1

1Bryanskaya Ulitza, 1263, Moscow 121059 Russia

A definition of the energymomentum (pseudotensor of the gravitational field) has yet to be determined despite many attempts to find it. In this paper we propose a new approach to such a definition, based on two simple criteria which permit a natural generalization of the energymomentum conservation law of electrodynamics.

Keywords: energy, momentum, pseudotensor, gravitational field, electromagnetic field, conservation law, covariant derivative, matter, mass point, relativistic mass

Received: June 19, 1992; Published Online: December 15, 2008