5. Harry Ian Epstein, The Mechanics of Discontinuous Quantum Motion

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Volume 20: Pages 556-563, 2007

The Mechanics of Discontinuous Quantum Motion

Harry Ian Epstein 1

1259 Maple Hill Road, Glencoe, Illinois 60022 U.S.A.

A novel derivation of Einstein's relativistic energy equation is obtained based on discontinuous quantum motion. If a quantum particle's motion is limited to instantaneous quantum jumps, time intervals could only exist at periods in between these jumps. In order to accommodate instantaneous jumps, a notion of discontinuous motion is hypothesized where space and time intervals change in an independent and alternating fashion. These independent changes require a decomposition of space and time. Special relativity and Minkowski 's spacetime and even space, time, and velocity could be viewed as emergent concepts of discontinuous motion.

Keywords: discontinuous quantum motion, Einstein's relativistic energy equation, relational mechanics, emergent spacetime

Received: December 29, 2005; Published Online: October 7, 2009