10. Ioan Has, Simona Miclaus, Aurelian Has, Analysis of a possible correlation between electrical and gravitational forces

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Volume 21: Pages 303-312, 2008

Analysis of a possible correlation between electrical and gravitational forces

Ioan Has 1,2, Simona Miclaus 1,2, Aurelian Has 1,2

1Land Forces Academy, st. Revolutiei. 3-5, 550170 Sibiu, Romania

2University “C. Brancoveanu,” st. N. Balcescu nr.39, 240200 Rm. Valcea, Romania

This paper begins by analyzing the justification of the separation existing between electrical and gravitational forces. The existing justification is that the dipole interaction force at long distances r for neutral bodies totally cancels the opposing force. In this paper it will be demonstrated that this force may exist at any distance, but it depends on a term in (r−4) or greater power, while the gravitational force depends on (r−2). In order to obtain the principal term in (r−2) for dipole interaction, it was necessary to admit a hypothesis introducing into Coulomb’s law a new term in the form −ln r. With the corrected Coulomb’s law, for dipole interaction force, an expression having the principal term in (r−2) results as in the Law of Gravitational force. Numerical verification showed agreement between the forces obtained using the Newton and corrected Coulomb’s laws for astronomical distances. On this basis the principal points and consequences of a new theory of gravitational forces are presented.

Keywords: Coulomb’s Force, Electric Interactions, van der Waals Forces, Substance Polarization, Newton’s Gravitation Force

Received: October 1, 2005; Accepted: November 9, 2008; Published Online: February 6, 2009