2. Davide Fiscaletti, Amrit Srečko Šorli, Nonlocality and the symmetrized quantum potential

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Volume 21: Pages 245-251, 2008

Nonlocality and the symmetrized quantum potential

Davide Fiscaletti 1,2, Amrit Srečko Šorli 1,2

1SpaceLife Institute, San Lorenzo in Campo, Italy

2Scientific Research Centre BISTRA, Ptuj, Slovenija

Quantum nonlocality can be difficultly understood and explained starting from the idea that the spacetime manifold characteristic of special relativity is a fundamental entity: it is due to a quantum potential which is equivalent to a spacelike, instantaneous action between the particles in consideration. In virtue of the features of quantum potential, a new order must be introduced to understand quantum phenomena, in particular quantum nonlocality. One can say that in this new order subatomic particles are instantaneously connected through space, which functions as an immediate information medium between them. Since to interpret in a correct and appropriate way also the time reverse of a quantum process (and thus also of the instantaneous communication between subatomic particles) of a symmetry in time in quantum mechanics is needed, a symmetrized reformulation of bohmian mechanics is introduced and analyzed.

Keywords: Nonlocality, Physical Space, Quantum Potential, Time Symmetry, Symmetrized Quantum Potential

Received: July 14, 2008; Accepted: October 5, 2008; Published Online: February 6, 2009