9. Bertrand Wong, The ultimate law of nature

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Volume 22: Pages 296-300, 2009

The ultimate law of nature

Bertrand Wong 1

1Eurotech, c/o Blk. 437, Ave. 10, Ang Mo Kio, No.11-1365, Singapore 560437, Singapore

After having ignored the superstring theory, physicists have now come to terms with it and anchored their hope on the theory as the possible theory of everything (TOE) or grand unified theory (GUT), together with the membrane theory (or M-theory). Simply put, the superstring theory now seems “beautiful” enough to be accepted. The problem now is to find experimental data to fit this theory, in order to confirm its correctness. In the past, physicists have had resorted to objects such as breath, atoms, monads, gravity, logical language, the axioms of geometry, and many, many more, as the basis of a TOE, but none of these effort has succeeded. In this article, the author examines some important ideas, suggesting how a TOE or GUT might be derived. The end result would be the ultimate law of nature.

Keywords: Superstrings, Relativity, Effect of Gravity, Microworld, Macroworld, Quantum Particles, Forces of Nature, Reality, Uncertainty Principle, Consciousness

Received: September 27, 2008; Accepted: May 8, 2009; Published Online: July 14, 2009