19 PDF - Guangjun Cao, Some reflections on the special theory of relativity

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Volume 23: Pages 344-354, 2010

Some reflections on the special theory of relativity

Guangjun Cao 1

1C310P, UPC, Georgian College, One Georgian Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4M 3X9, Canada

The foundations of the special theory of relativity were re-examined. In particular, thought experiments were designed to show that if the special theory of relativity is true, then physical, logic, and philosophical difficulties of an insuperable nature would arise. These difficulties include, but are not limited to, the ability of a moving object to instantaneously detect the existence of, and its relation to, a specific light source; the ability of a measuring stick in a moving frame to instantaneously complete the process of a given length contraction; and the simultaneous slowing down and speeding up of a clock in a moving reference frame. In particular, it is shown that if nature does not contradict itself and logic is a valid way of finding truth, then the special theory of relativity cannot be a consistent theory of reality.

Keywords: Special Theory of Relativity, Inertial Reference Frame, The Principle of Relativity, The Constancy of the Velocity of Light, Relativistic Effect, Time Dilation, Length Contraction, Double-Slit Experiment, Non-locality

Received: March 6, 2008; Accepted: April 8, 2010; Published Online: April 29, 2010