5 PDF - Andreas E. Schlatter, A bound on classical velocity

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Volume 23: Pages 268-270, 2010

A bound on classical velocity

Andreas E. Schlatter 1

1Burghaldeweg 2 F, 5024 Küttigen, Switzerland

We construct a quantum mechanical extension of the classical question “How much time does it take a particle to travel from A to B?” The extension is based on ideas of relational quantum mechanics and quantum information. We show that for free particles in one dimension with a wave function in form of a Gaussian wave packet this leads to a generic bound on classical velocity.

Keywords: Quantum Entropy, Relational Quantum Mechanics, Measurement, Time, Gaussian Wave Packet, Special Relativity, Quantum Information

Received: November 12, 2009; Accepted: February 19, 2010; Published Online: April 6, 2010