2 PDF -Gerald E. Marsh, Quantum mechanics and motion: A modern perspective

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Volume 23: Pages 242-247, 2010

Quantum mechanics and motion: A modern perspective

Gerald E. Marsh 1

1Retired, Argonne National Laboratory, 5433 East View Park, Chicago, Illinois 60615, USA

This essay is an attempt to address, from a modern perspective, the motion of a particle. Quantum mechanically, motion consists of a series of localizations due to repeated interactions that, taken close to the limit of the continuum, yields a world line. If a force acts on the particle, its probability distribution is accordingly modified. This must also be true for macroscopic objects, although now the description is far more complicated by the structure of matter and associated surface physics.

Keywords: Quantum, Motion

Received: December 27, 2009; Accepted: January 21, 2010; Published Onlinee: March 12, 2010