1. Patrick Cornille, Critical review of classical electrodynamics

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Volume 35: Pages 227-249, 2022

Critical review of classical electrodynamics

Patrick Cornillea)

Advanced Electromagnetic Systems, 7 Rue de la Perdriere, 59320 Ennetieres-en-Weppes, France


In this paper, we will review classical electrodynamics, where our main concern will be exclusively the propagation of electromagnetic waves in the vacuum and the interaction of these waves with free charges. We will examine the reasons why the classical Maxwell’s equations are not complete and consistent. We will show that there are three kinds of waves propagating in the vacuum, namely, transverse waves, longitudinal waves, and helicoidal waves. We will particularly review the theoretical and experimental aspects of longitudinal waves whose existence seems to be proven.


On passe en revue dans ce papier l´electrodynamique classique ou la principale pr´eoccupation est l´etude de la propagation des ondes ´electromagn´etiques dans le vide et de leur interaction avec les particules charg´ees libres. On examine les raisons pour lesquelles les ´equations classiques de Maxwell ne sont pas compl`etes et consistantes. On d´emontre que dans la nature, il y a trois types di´erents d’ondes, `a savoir les ondes transverses, les ondes longitudinales et les ondes h´elico¨ıdales. On examine, tout particuli`erement, les aspects th´eoriques et exp´erimentaux des ondes longitudinales dont l’existence semble maintenant prouv´ee.


Key words: Maxwell’s Equations; Electromagnetism; Scalar Waves; Transverse Waves; Vector Potential; Cold Electricity.

Received: January 1, 2022; Accepted: May 24, 2022; Published Online: June 28, 2022


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