12. W. Engelhardt, Einstein’s third postulate

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Volume 29: Pages 513-515, 2016


Einstein’s third postulate


W. Engelhardta)


Fasaneriestrasse 8, D-80636 Mu¨nchen, Germany


Einstein’s own demonstration of time dilation taken from his book with L. Infeld [A. Einstein and L. Infeld, The Evolution of Physics (Cambridge University Press, U.K., 1938)] is analyzed. His ingenious circumnavigation of an apparent discrepancy between clock synchronization and Lorentz transformation is discussed.


La démonstration, propre à Einstein, de la dilatation du temps, tirée de son livre en collaboration avec L. Infeld [A. Einstein and L. Infeld, The Evolution of Physics, Cambridge University Press, U.K. (1938)], est analysée. Son contournement ingénieux d'une dissonance apparente entre synchronisation de l'horloge et transformation de Lorentz est discutée.


Key words: Special Relativity; Simultaneity; Clock Synchronization; Lorentz Transformation.


Received: June 26, 2016; Accepted: September 20, 2016; Published Online: October 15, 2016


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