15. Minoru Harada, The LIGO experiment: Did it prove anything?

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Volume 29: Pages 372-373, 2016



The LIGO experiment: Did it prove anything?



Minoru Haradaa)



Institute of Liberal Arts, Otaru University of Commerce, Otaru 047-8501, Japan



The recent report that gravitational waves were first detected experimentally at LIGO harbors a fatal flaw. It is demonstrated that the conventional theory reproduces the LIGO data without resort to gravitational waves.



La première observation directe ď ondes gravitationnelles a été annoncée par le LIGO. Ce rapport a cependant un défaut important. Il est démontré que la théorie conventionnelle reproduit les mêmes données sans recours aux ondes gravitationnelles.



Key words: Einstein; Gravitational Waves.


Received: April 26, 2016; Accepted: July 11, 2016; Published Online: August 11, 2016


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