14. Amit Goswami, The Idealistic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

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Volume 2: Pages 385-400, 1989



The Idealistic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics



Amit Goswami



Department of Physics and the Institute of Theoretical Science, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon 97405 U.S.A.



A paradoxfree interpretation of quantum mechanics is given using the philosophy of monistic idealism. This idealistic interpretation is developed as an ontological extension of the Copenhagen interpretation, and it is shown to correct the dualistic errors made by Wigner and others who have tried to invoke consciousness in quantum measurement theory. I also compare the idealistic interpretation with such realistic alternatives as the hiddenvariables theory or the manyworlds hypothesis that are closest to the present idea in spirit. The new interpretation leads to a new way of thinking about the mindbrain and our selfreference problems.



Keywords: interpretation of quantum mechanics, quantum measurement theory, quantum paradoxes



Received: January 3, 1989; Final version received: December 15, 2008