7. Giorgio Tangorra, Quantum Photodynamics: Elements for a Physics of Time

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Volume 12: Pages 446-456, 1999

Quantum Photodynamics: Elements for a Physics of Time

Giorgio Tangorra

Via Crescitelli, 6, 20052 Monza, Italy

After a brief historical survey of some hypotheses regarding the electromagnetic nature of matter, we propose a quantum model of inertia and relativity. Each mass is made to correspond with a dualphase vectorial period, attributing to it the main characteristics of spacetime. By means of an elementary calculus technique, this model is applied to the study of gravitational interactions, thereby obtaining expressions of general relativity, including possible research into the quantum states of a black hole. This same methodology, when applied to a hydrogenoid structure, leads us to quantization formulas which are extremely reminiscent of those obtained with quantum mechanics. This leads to considerations regarding the fractal nature of spacetime and the photonic nature of gravitation and inertia.

Keywords: quantum theory, relativity, gravitation, cosmology

Received: November 21, 1998; Published online: December 15, 2008