1. Chester J. Marcinkowski, Calculation of a Hubble Constant at a Green‐Light Wavelength

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Volume 12: Pages 601-613, 1999

Calculation of a Hubble Constant at a GreenLight Wavelength

Chester J. Marcinkowski

113 Sargent Drive, Snyder, New York 142264066 U.S.A.

A Hubble constant H1  ≈  61.4 kms −1Mpc−1 is deduced theoretically from an aging EM wavegroup in apparent agreement with astronomical observations, which span the range 50 ≤ H0 (km s−1 Mpc−1) ≤ 100. Two unknown parameters from a previously developed wavegroup are evaluated here. One parameter is the angle α the propagation constant k makes with the +zaxis of wavegroup propagation. The other parameter is the halfwidth σ of the Gaussian frequency superposition. These parameters are determined from the crosssectional and longitudinal dimensions deduced here for photons. This estimate for H1 is only valid at the greenlight wavelength λg = 0.55 μm and deviates from H1 at all other wavelengths.

Keywords: Hubble constant, redshift, photons, cosmology and electromagnetic theory

Received: November 8, 1995; Published online: December 15, 2008