24. Kent W. Mayhew, Second law and lost work

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Volume 28: Pages 152-155, 2015

Second law and lost work

Kent W. Mayhewa)

68 Pineglen Cres., Ottawa, Ontario K2G 0G8, Canada


The concept of energy lost by expanding systems is reconsidered. The implications to thermodynamic are profound especially to concepts such as reversibility and the second law thermodynamics.


Le concept d’énergie perdue par systèmes en expansion est reconsidéré. Les implications dans la thermodynamique sont profondes surtout dans les concepts comme la réversibilité et la deuxième loi de la thermodynamique.


Key words: Entropy; Second Law; Lost Heat; Lost Work.


Received: February 19, 2014; Accepted: February 19, 2015; Published Online: March 11, 2015

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