4. Thomas G. Schumann, Nonobjectivity of collapse

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Volume 28: Pages 19-19, 2015

Nonobjectivity of collapse

Thomas G. Schumanna)

P.O. Box 151, Downieville. California 95936, USA


The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that the collapse of the quantum wave amplitude is not an objective event and to make a very brief comment on quantum gravity.


Le but de cet article est de démontrer que la réduction de l’amplitude de l’onde quantique n’est pas un événement objective, et de faire un très bref commentaire sur la gravitation quantique.


Key words: Quantum, Consciousness, Metabrain, Simultaneity, Collapse, Wave Function.


Received: January 6, 2014; Accepted: December 5, 2014; Published Online: January 2, 2014


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