8. W. S. Stensch, The Redshifting of Electromagnetic Radiation: A Heuristic Model

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Volume 14: Pages 154-159, 2001

The Redshifting of Electromagnetic Radiation: A Heuristic Model

W. S. Stensch

12 Iroquois Avenue, Dollard des Ormeaux, Québec H9B 1T8, Canada

Energy loss as the principal reason for the redshifting of radiation from distant galaxies has been proposed from the very start as an alternative to the Doppler interpretation. Nobody is paying much attention to it as no physical theory has been proposed that would account for how light loses energy at a precise rate as it travels through space for billions of years. The model presented is an attempt to supply the missing theory. It leads to a steadystate universe and an alternative interpretation of Hubble's and Planck's constants. The analytical work published shows that the energyloss theory can account for both dark matter and cosmic background radiation [W. Stensch, Speculat. Sci. Tech. 18, 194 (1995); 19, 207 (1996)].

Keywords: cosmic background radiation, dark matter, electromagnetic radiation, Hubble constant, light, luminosity, Planck constant, quantum, redshift, universe

Received: June 25, 1999; Published online: December 15, 2008