7. Joseph Di Rienzi, Quantum Contradictions in the Context of Special Relativity

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Volume 14: Pages 149-153, 2001

Quantum Contradictions in the Context of Special Relativity

Joseph Di Rienzi

College of Notre Dame of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland 21210 U.S.A.

Local realistic theories of quantum mechanics lead to logical contradictions in measurements of physical phenomena. To preserve realism, it is assumed nature shows a nonlocal character. The consequences ofnonlocality lead to a violation of causality in certain reference systems. Spacetime diagrams are used to illustrate the noncompatibility of nonlocal theories of quantum mechanics with special relativity. The significance of assuming realism and the use of counterfactual statements in these arguments are examined and assessed.

Keywords: physical realism, locality, logic, quantum mechanics, causality, counterfactual, EPR, GHSZ, Hardy condition, special relativity

Received: May 12, 1999; Published online: December 15, 2008