5. Richard Woesler, Cloning a Quantum in Accordance with the No‐Cloning Theorem

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Volume 14: Pages 212-214, 2001

Cloning a Quantum in Accordance with the NoCloning Theorem

Richard Woesler

FlorianGeyerStr. 96, D12489 Berlin, Germany

Using quantum teleportation it is possible to teleport a quantum state with a certain probability. Here we show, considering this result and results of special relativity, that it is possible to obtain a perfect clone of an arbitrary unknown state with a certain probability. Such a perfect clone has a special property—we call it a dependent clone. Due to the fact that the correct teleportation occurs only with a certain probability, such a clone is in accordance with the nocloning theorem. Additionally, we show that, theoretically, an arbitrary number of such clones can be realized.

Keywords: nocloning theorem, quantum cloning, quantum teleportation, special theory of relativity, quantum theory

Received: March 7, 2000; Published online: December 15, 2008