7. Kenneth J. Epstein, The Quantum Connection

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Volume 15: Pages 418-421, 2002

The Quantum Connection

Kenneth J. Epstein

6400 N. Sheridan, #2604, Chicago, Illinois 60626 U.S.A.

The time problem of quantum cosmology is solved by noting that the probability of a geometrodynamic system being in a given region of superspace is proportional to the amount of time that it spends there, and that this relates the cosmic time t to the wavefunction Ψ of the universe. The singularity problem of classical cosmology is solved by showing how the WheelerDeWitt equation converts classical singularities to virtual states in which the energy density does not diverge. The covariance problem of canonical quantum gravity is solved by a Hilbert space affine connection (the quantum connection) in terms of which the quantummechanical derivative is a covariant derivative, and the Schrödinger equation is the condition that the state vector be covariant constant.

Keywords: quantum censorship, temporal censorship, virtual singularity, Koszul connection

Received: June 28, 2002; Published online: December 15, 2008