4. F. X. Vacanti, J. Chauveheid, Is Radiation of Negative Energy Possible?

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Volume 15: Pages 387-392, 2002

Is Radiation of Negative Energy Possible?

F. X. Vacanti 1, J. Chauveheid 2

128 Cedar Hill Road, Dover, Massachusetts 02030 U.S.A.

2P.O. Box 2411200, Pavas, Costa Rica

Contrary to general relativity, the Maxwelllike theory of gravitation implies negative gravitational energy in vacuum and in gravitational waves. In order to really retrieve Newton's theory in a first approximation, general relativity should exhibit this negativeness. For this purpose, a new pseudoscalar density is derived from the usual Lagrangian of gravitation by subtraction of a divergence. In agreement with the expansion of the universe, this approach supports the “explosive” formation of galaxies and the existence of jet streams apparently emitted from black holes.

Keywords: negative gravitational energy, jet streams, “explosive” galaxy formation, expansion of the universe

Received: July 24, 2001; Published online: December 15, 2008