2. Thierry Delort, Theory of Ether with Gravitation


Volume 18: Pages 9-30, 2005

Theory of Ether with Gravitation

Thierry Delort

23 rue de l'Abbé Carton, Paris 75014 France

The aim of this article is to prove that the theory of ether (TE) can interpret experimental phenomena linked to general relativity (GR). So we present here the theory of ether with gravitation (the TEG), which generalizes the TE (presented in Phys. Essays 13, 573 (2000)). We generalize the three postulates presented in this previous article. The interpretation of the metric tensor of Einstein by the TEG leads us to believe that its numerical expression is valid only in the approximation of low potentials. We give its exact expression according to its interpretation by the TEG. So we will see in this article that all phenomena linked to GR are compatible with the TE and can be interpreted by the TEG. We present the interpretation of the main experiments of GR (deviation of Mercury's perihelion, bending of light, acceleration of clocks at altitude, etc.). We will see that there also exists in the TEG an absolute space that is different from the space representing our world. In this article we will take as the space of reference the space representing our world, except when it is much simpler to take the absolute space. After having presented a simple model of fields theory, we will present a second model that is very attractive, in particular for its interpretation of electromagnetics and quantum physics.

Keywords: dilated space, ether, general relativity, metric tensor, fluidity of time, Schwarzschild solution, superposed space

Received: May 15, 2003; Published online: December 15, 2008