10. Thierry Delort, Complements of the Theory of Ether

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Volume 18: Pages 207-220, 2005

Complements of the Theory of Ether

Thierry Delort

23 rue de l'Abbe Carton, Paris 75014 France

In two preceding articles [Thierry Delort, Phys. Essays 13, 573 (2000); 17, 259 (2004)] we exposed fundamental elements of the theory of ether (TE). In this article we propose a deepened study of phenomena linked to astrophysics according to the TE. This article follows the second article above, and it is necessary to have read it before reading the present article. In particular, we study, according to the TE, the observations concerning a supernova presented in Perlmutter et al. [Nature 391, 51 (1998)], the evaluation of distances in the universe, the temperature in the universe, and the factors that we must take into account in order to obtain the age of the universe using Hubble's law. We also study the gravitational field and the topology of the universe. We also add complements concerning kinematics and optics. We interpret Fizeau's experiment by the TE and we give a comparison between the TE and special relativity. So this article proposes some new fundamental ideas brought by the TE concerning astrophysics and in particular the expansion of the universe.

Keywords: theory of ether, supernova explosion, intergalactic distances, expansion of the universe, Hubble's law, age of the universe, fossil radiation

Received: October 6, 2004; Published online: December 15, 2008