5. S. Zdravković, Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and DNA Dynamics


Volume 18: Pages 168-173, 2005

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and DNA Dynamics

S. Zdravković

Kadinjačka 16, 11136 Beograd, Jugoslavia

In this article it is shown that the value of de Broglie's wavelength cannot always be a good criterion for whether wave aspects of a particle should be taken into consideration or can be neglected. An appropriate form of the Heisenberg uncertainty relation is discussed and applied for two examples, the classical and the quantum oscillator. It is also shown that the DNA molecule behaves like a system of classical rather than a system of quantum oscillators.

Keywords: de Broglie's wavelength, Heisenberg uncertainty relation, DNA dynamics, PeyrardBishopDauxois model for DNA molecule, nonlinear waves (breathers)

Received: February 20, 2004; Published online: December 15, 2008