9. Miguel Lunetta, Inertia's Role in Electron‐Positron Pair Annihilation

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Volume 18: Pages 514-517, 2005

Inertia's Role in ElectronPositron Pair Annihilation

Miguel Lunetta

Caixa Postal 1144, Centro João Pessoa, CEP 58001970 PBBrasil


We studied, in this paper, the process of the electronpositron annihilation in free space, followed by the creation of an electromagnetic field, in the special case where the electronpositron pair moves in a relativistic regime. From this study it was observed that no changes appeared in the relativistic light carrier potential or in the relativistic light carrier force.

Keywords: electronpositron annihilation, active space, inertial field, Poynting vector, relativistic light carrier potential and force

Received: November 23, 2004; Published online: December 15, 2008