1. Abdul L. Bhuiyan, Special Relativity and the Exchange Phenomenon

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Volume 19: Pages 161-168, 2006

Special Relativity and the Exchange Phenomenon

Abdul L. Bhuiyan

Box 13, Head Post Office, Comilla 3500 Bangladesh

Both the phenomenon of the exchange of forcecarrying particles between two interacting objects and the process of exchange of positions between two extranuclear electrons during emission of Xray photons, occurring in onedimensional boxes, are independent of the uniform rectilinear motion of the boxes with respect to outside observers at rest, indicating that mixing of relativistic kinematics and nonrelativistic quantum mechanics is possible. An Xray photon is actually a bundle of two photons of energy 0.51 MeV each. The spacetime quantization of the mass, energy, etc., of a particle shows that space and time do not disappear with the disappearance of objects.

Keywords: quantization of space and time, spacetime quantization of physical properties, spacetime cells, strong force of interaction, weak force of interaction, disappearance of objects, composition of total energy of a photon, internucleonic interaction, interatomic interaction, relativistic kinematics, quantum mechanics

Received: November 29, 2001; Published online: December 15, 2008