10. Milán Mészáros, Pál Molnár, An Inconsistency in Standard Cosmology

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Volume 3: Pages 284-304, 1990

An Inconsistency in Standard Cosmology

Milán Mészáros 1, Pál Molnár 1

1Institute of Physics, Budapest University of Technology, 1521 Budapest Hungary

The intent of the present study is to analyze standard cosmology in an immanent mathematicalcritical way. First of all, the fundamental statements of this cosmological model will be investigated themselves as well as their relation to the theory. Further aims are to reveal the interdependence of different physical disciplines, confrontation of various observations, to elucidate the correlations between observed data and theory and, finally, to analyze this cosmology from the point of view of selfconsistency. The study discusses the status of the standard model.

Keywords: establishment of the paradigm and axiom system of the standard model, definition of standard cosmology, mathematical development of a new corollary family, new theorems and contradictions and their proofs, investigation of the model from the viewpoint of selfconsistency, confrontation with observation

Received: June 30, 1989; Published Online: December 15, 2008