7.Guy C. Myhre, The Rationalization of Quantum Physics

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Volume 3: Pages 262-274, 1990)

The Rationalization of Quantum Physics

Guy C. Myhre 1

15031 Ninth Avenue Northeast, Seattle, Washington 98105 U.S.A.

Quantal equations are normalized by using a new system of measures, whose units coincide with the unitary attributes of elemental particles. Most dimensioned universal physical constants are arbitrary parameters which do not exist per se. Normalized quantal equations contain no dimensioned constants. These normalizations prompt formulation of the unitary principle: All unitary attributes of elemental particles have integral values. All matter moves over quantum distances at the speed of light. Waveparticle duality is nonexistent. The strong force enters into electromagnetic and gravitational force calculations. This paper results in rationalized equations, no dimensioned constants, more symmetrical models, a waveparticle duality paradox solution, and a discounted “Copenhagen interpretation” of quantum mechanics.

Keywords: fundamental and universal physical constants, waveparticle duality, normalized quantal equations, unitary principle, uncertainty principle, quantum discontinuity, Coulomb, Ampère, Newton force equations, Bohr model of the hydrogen atom, the force ratios, Système Électronique of unit measures

Received: April 14, 1989; Published Online: December 15, 2008