5. Antoine Hautot, About the Nature and Structure of the Photon

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Volume 3: Pages 252-255, 1990)

About the Nature and Structure of the Photon

Antoine Hautot 1

1University of Liege

The photon is described as an electromagnetic particle with a certain internal structure: an electric doublet with a charge |q| obeying the relation q2 = hc/2π, turning at the speed c with the relative frequency ν around a determined axis and moving in the vacuum with the same speed of translation. It is shown that the electromagnetic energy of the photon is the PlanckEinstein energy hν and that its spin is equal to h/2π The photon's structure imparts to it a length λ and a phase                         that permit the phenomena of interference, diffraction, and polarization without the aid of a wave.

Keywords: photon, electromagnetic particle, turning electric doublet, spin, length, and phase of the photon, Maxwellian wave, paradox of radiation

Received: April 10, 1989; Published Online: December 15, 2008