14. Arnold G. Gulko, Thomas J. Dolan, Geometric Model of Nuclear Structure

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olume 20: Pages 503-516, 2007

Geometric Model of Nuclear Structure

Arnold G. Gulko 1, Thomas J. Dolan 2

11835 Arcola Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland 20902 U.S.A

2Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering Department, University of Illinois, MC234, 216 Talbot Laboratory, 104 S. Wright St., Urbana, Illinois 61801 U.S.A.

Could the Coulomb force play a role in the arrangement of the nucleons? If so, then a geometric model of nuclear structure could be based on branches extending from the four nucleons of a helium core. This model is developed to derive the lengths of the periods in the periodic table of the elements. Analysis of the model yields information about the thermal and chemical characteristics of the elements, beta decay, dominant isotopes of the light elements, elemental abundances, and hypothetical mechanisms of alphaparticle emission and nuclear fission.

Keywords: nuclear structure, periodic table of the elements, nuclear fission, beta decay

Received: June 11, 2007; Published Online: May 26, 2009