9 Abdul L. Bhuiyan, Qualitative nuclear structures in terms of clusters of quarks

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Volume 26: Pages 223-236, 2013

Qualitative nuclear structures in terms of clusters of quarks

Abdul L. Bhuiyan a)

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It appears that the formation of atomic nuclei may occur via pair formation between u quarks and d quarks. Protons and neutrons appear in a nucleus as a result of simple harmonic motion executed by the paired quarks about each other. This shows that quarks are more fundamental than protons and neutrons to the building of atomic nuclei.

It semble que la formation d'un noyau atomique peut se produire par la formation en paire entre les quarks u et les quarks d. Les protons et neutrons apparaissent dans un noyau à cause de la motion simple harmonique exécutée par les quarks accouplés lun vers lautre. Cela montre que les quarks sont plus fondamentaux que les protons et neutrons dans la formation du noyau atomique.

Keywords: Quarks as Building Blocks of Nuclei, Stability/Instability of Nuclei, Transient Appearance of Protons and Neutrons in Nuclei, Stability of Isolated Protons and Neutrons, Cause of Instability of Radioactive Nuclei

Received: January 11, 2011; Accepted: February 27, 2013; Published Online: April 23, 2013

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