6. Lin Sten, Coulomb general relativity theory

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Volume 22: Pages 33-40, 2009

Coulomb general relativity theory

Lin Sten 1

1Palomar College, San Marcos, California 92069–1487, USA

Previously it has been shown that a modified Coulomb force between two electrically neutral masses of normal atomic matter could mimic the Newtonian gravitational force. That intention is ignored here, though it will be a result for normal atomic matter. Our starting point here is this: (1) we will ultimately replace gravitational mass as a fundamental physical quantity; (2) for normal atomic matter, the nucleon charge separation results of that previous paper will be fundamental to this current paper. In place of gravitational mass, we will use an expression for charge separation in electrically neutral matter. On this basis we will consider the implications of a Coulomb general relativity theory. One value of the example alteration is that it shows how such alternatives might allow for exploration of new concepts in the theory of gravity, including the elimination of gravitational mass as a fundamental physical quantity, without challenging the importance of Riemannian space, differential geometry, or the impressive physics derivations that have been and will continue to be accomplished based on Einstein’s field equations.

Keywords: Protons and Neutrons, Quarks, Photons, Electrostatics, Relativity and Gravitation

Received: October 26, 2008; Accepted: December 26, 2008; Published Online: February 25, 2009